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7.62x45mm Ammo

Evansburg · $123

I have a pile of 7.62x45mm ammunition for the Czech VZ52 rifle, I stumbled across this ammo at an estate sale for an old gun smith, it's old but I've shot over 100 rounds in my VZ52 rifle without a

Box of 50 rounds
Full Metal Jacket 111gr projectile in brass cases properly head stamped 8MM LEBEL

Really cool and fun to shoot bolt action CZ 7.63X39 survival sniper rifle. extremely accurate scope has really impressed me reticle illuminates.

Wanted, Looking for, 22 high power ammunition,22 Savage High power,
5.6x52R soft point ammo, looking for hunting rounds,
Thanks for looking. !
Phone or text 306-221-9599

44 SPECIAL Smokeless
240gr Round Nose Flat Point hard cast bullet
Smokeless Ammunition – Approximately 825 fps
New Starline brass in new BERRY’S plastic ammo box

CCI 22 WRF Ammunition

MISSION · 20.00

CCI 22 WRF Ammunition
22 WINCHESTER RIM FIRE Box of 50 rounds
45 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point Ammunition

41 LONG COLT Smokeless or Black Powder versions available
200gr Hollow Base Round Nose soft cast bullet
Smokeless Ammunition – Approx 750 FPS

300 WSM Ammo

Calgary · 200

300 WSM AMMO 6 unopened boxes of factory loaded 180 grain soft point ammunition

$200 for all 6

Sold the rifle, no longer need these!

.380 auto ammo/8boxes of 50

Red Deer · 140$

8 boxes of .380 auto ammunition. Interesting trades up/down considered

.348 Winchester ammunition

Fort McMurray · $95.00- $100.00

.348 Winchester ammunition. 1 box of Commemorative at $100.00 and some Winchester made ammunition at $95.00 per box. Note; this is Factory loaded ammunition.