Seasoned Dry Split Firewood

We have our seasoned wood in storage inside of a Quonset Building and also we have wood sheds for drying of the product along with storage.

Fill a pickup 6'6" box level of seasoned spruce which is less than 1/2 Cord which you toss in for $140.00 or stacked for $30.00 more.

Stock up now for the upcoming Firepit season or for your Wood Stove in your cabin or house and get ready for outside fire pit season.

Aspen, Balsam, Popular, Tamarack, Birch, and White Spruce stored in shed and I am currently processing Aspen, Balsam, Birch, White Spruce, Black Spruce, Popular and

Tamarack in lengths of 14 to 20 inches.

We are cutting the winter log supply so the rounds supplies are going are ready for people to pick up.

For limited time only we have rounds of buck pieces of trees for sale cutting cutting tamarack, poplar, spruce, balsam and birch.

Seasoned wood has a Moisture level under 20% and best is around 12% humidity and we have Moisture Tester on Site which there is on going testing is on the product to

confirm Moisture Levels.

Tamarack burns hotter than Birch and leaves little Ash and current seasoned Tamarack is close to be sold out.

If you are needing Tamarack for next winter I would suggest buying now and storing under cover so the wood will be seasoned for next winter.

The highest BTU value of wood is Tamarack at 20.8 then Birch at 20.2 and at third is Aspen at 18.2 and the values are at millions BTU per cord of wood.

When you are comparing prices to other suppliers that sell loose bulk firewood (about 95% of the others sell it loose) a cord is not the same as stacked firewood is almost always

about 25-30 % less volume. Most places "guesstimate" what a cord is by skid steer loader buckets full or the size of truck dump box or trailer. This NOT even close to

accurate, so if you find a "cord" of birch is $100 less than our price I would be very suspicious that you are not getting the same quantity.

Please consider buying your green wood along with seasoned wood to have your fire last longer at the fire pit.

There is loading and delivery pricing available and prices will vary on quantity and distance to travel with higher gas prices the delivery fees are going up.

Please call the Wood Guy at 780-675-5276 and leave a message, or email, or text 780-689-6457 or call leave a message because I am out cutting or

splitting wood.

Then we can set up an appointment for pickup or delivery please give us some notice such as 5 to 7 days notice due to weather conditions may affect loading and delivery


Talk to you soon thank-you.


170.00 for 6'6" spruce





Post Date: May 05, 2022


wood be awesome if you had a yard close to Edmonton lotsa people buy lil packs of wood for 10.00