Nitro 1050 Manure Spreader (Tube Line)

These spreaders offer slip slide poly board floors and walls, a guillotine end gate, reversible apron chain, and quick drop beaters. Engineered for commercial use, the commercial lines are all scale ready. The guillotine end gate can be held in any position controlling how much material is able to be moved to the beaters by the variable speed apron chain. This method of delivery provides consistent metering whether working with pen pack or semi-solids.

Standard Features:
- Hydraulic-Driven Apron Chain
- Standard Rubber Seal Kit (Endgate & Front Panel)
- Apron Chain
- Galvanized Slats
- Quick Drop Beaters
- Replaceable Reversible Knives
- Robust and Dynamically Balanced
- Driveline Protection
- Slip Slide Poly Boards
- Industrial Jack
- Central Grease Banks
- CV Shaft
- Rubber Cushion Tongue
- High Load Bearings

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Post Date: May 07, 2024