King Charles/Havanese/Yorkie Cross Puppies

Three of the best, well known small to medium sized breeds that people are looking for, all wrap up into one little bundle of fur. This "trio of breeds" will make a great addition to anyone's family, so these little guys/girls are a real find, they will not get very big, around the 5 to 8kg range when fully grown. They will make great companions for a family, children or seniors and other pets if introduced properly.

We have 2 males & 4 females, if there is one that your family would like to adopt please let us know. We have named them only for photo recognition, it's nicer than Boy 1, Girl 3, etc.., the young lady holding them is very petite which makes them appear bigger than they really are! You may keep the name or change it, that's up to their new families to decide.

Males: Apollo & Patches

Females: Diamond, Jupiter, Minnie & Princess

We are asking $1,200 and each pup will come with all their vet's paperwork, up to date shots, a play blanket with mom & siblings scents on it, a NEW Collar & Leash, their favourite toy, pee pads and a bag of puppy food. We are located in NW Calgary, close to the new Calgary Farmer's Market North. We are willing to meet up but will require a deposit to confirm a meeting place and time.

MOM is a King Charles(70%) / Yorkie(30%) and DAD is a Havanese(75%) / Yorkie(25%), they are called a "Horkie". We have included a couple of photos of MOM & DAD for you, Dad just got his summer cut done, so he would have somewhat more fur. The Havanese are know for their curled tail, low shedding coat and one of the cutest of faces and expressions in all the dog world.

If you wish to get more info or have any questions: Please contact us, We will reply as soon as we can.







Post Date: July 13, 2024