1919 McLaughlin HA 63 touring car assembly project for sale

1919 McLaughlin HA 63 touring car assembly project for sale
This is a very rare Canadian made car. Less than 6 left that I am aware of. Built with McLaughlin quality, a step above Buick in terms of finish.
The person who buys this car should plan on spending a few days with me as we go through all the boxes of parts and supplies, bring your own video camera. You would benefit by spending a few days with me going through what everything is and what I have learned.
It is a project, but a lot of the big dollar expenses are completed.
The engine has been rebuilt but not completely reassembled. It has new rings & pistons, new valves, new Babbitt (all back in the engine). All the parts are on hand to reassemble the engine including the hard-to-find generator. There is an extra engine and transmission included. It comes with 2 marvel carbs; one has been rebuilt.
The frame is in good condition and has been sand blasted as are the fenders. There is an extra front axle and an extra rear end but only one complete crown and pinion. The springs have also been repaired and have new bushings.
All plating has been done including dog bone and McLaughlin Motometer.
The wheels have been respoked and the rims have been cadmium coated (not painted) I also have 4 original screw on “hub caps” in excellent condition.
All wood has been replaced but has not been reassembled. It was redone in Ash as original (air dried for 25 years from our Ontario farm and stored in our barn) except the top bows which needed to be bent with green oak. The oak bows were made in 2 pcs each and are bent but need to be shaped to fit the arms which were also rebuilt.
Includes all pictures taken over time, and a video from the early days of taking it apart. It also comes with copies of manuals I have managed to get, not all for the right year but still useful.
Mostly this car was referred to as H63 model but the plate on the toe board has the model as HA 63 which I assume meant the “special” version. The special also has wheels in yellow and the original wheels on this car had been yellow, some of the paperwork shows these details.
I also have number of period accessories; they are not included in this deal but are available. Including horsehair blanket, spare tanks for running board (Water Gas oil), Period aftermarket electric Canadian wiper system, Running board cooler.
I am asking $15K, which just cover my out-of-pocket expenses, nothing for the years of time invested.
Recent health issues would suggest I will be unable to complete this project. It is an excellent project for someone. I am located near Grande Prairie in Northern Alberta. Call me for a chat, if you are seriously interested, with any questions you may have and more pictures, Phone 587-726-9056
At this point you can complete it to a prize-winning car if you desire.




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Post Date: June 15, 2024