Caucasian Shepherd x Lurcher (Greyhound/ Malinois/ Irish Wolfhound) Upcoming Litter of Puppies

I am creating a waitlist for a litter of puppies between a 75% Caucasian Shepherd, 25% German Shepherd Female, and a 50% Greyhound, 25% Scottish Deerhound, 12.5% Irish Wolfhound, 12.5% Belgian Malinois Male.

The puppies will be ready to go in June as she was bred last week.

I have people who are lined up for pups, but send a call or message if you want one and I can write your number down to reserve a spot.

There are some images are from online to show you the breeds; and the pictures of the two that have been bred are the dogs together; the black Lurcher is the male stud, and the female long haired Caucasian Shepherd/Shepherd is the one I own who will be having pups.

This mix will be a combination of two of the most powerful, fast, strong and athletic dogs in the world. The Caucasian Shepherds are able to withstand the elements of cold and rugged terrain extremely well. They also have altitude adaptation where they are able to live in high mountain areas, originating from the Caucus mountains.

Caucasian shepherds were bred and used in Russia, also known as a Russian Bear Dog or Caucasian Ovcharka. They were used to guard prisons, where they would take down prisoners who tried to escape.

Today they are used to defend properties, take out Coyotes, guard livestock, and as personal protection and alert dogs.

Greyhound mixes with working dogs, otherwise known as Lurchers, originate from the UK, where they were bred to take down rabbits, for racing, hunting waterfowl, and the Wolfhounds and Deerhounds were also used to take out Wolves and hunt deer.

These dogs are extremely fast, with Greyhound being the fastest breed in the world. They are extremely muscular in stature and are very strong even though they look thin. Greyhounds also virtually have no hip dysplasia, and this will be good to have in the genetics of these puppies.

Not only are Greyhounds and Lurchers fast, but they are also very calm dogs and like to hang out inside and chill on the couch when they are inside. They are very sweet dogs, are more quiet, and are good with people.

Most people think of using Guardian dogs such as Pyrenees or Kangals to take down or deter Coyotes, but Greyhounds are so fast and agile, they they are used in USA and by Hudderites because the Coyotes virtually cannot get away from them. They will take down Coyotes fast. This pared with another livestock guardian paired with them does and insanely effective job of being a pest deterrent.

Not only are the puppies going to be very tall, females around 28-29inches likely, and males being 30-32 inches tall, they will be muscular and robust.

Females will weigh around 80-90lbs, whereas the males could be around 130-150lbs.

They will also make good pets for those that are outdoorsy, and will make excellent off-grid, acreage, camping, hiking, or survival dogs.

This mix is very rare; I looked for 2 years for a Lurcher in Canada and my friend and I eventually had to ship a stud in for $2000 and homed him to eventually breed her. Caucasian Shepherds often go for $2,500 as they are rare as well.

The mix between these I have never seen on the internet before, and they will be an exceptional dog that will not only be a pet, but it will be of use.

Call or text 587-336-6789 for info or to reserve a puppy







Post Date: February 24, 2024