Guns in Barrhead

14 hours · Fort Assiniboine

H50BMG powder

$2100 29.5lbs of powder
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14 hours · Fort Assiniboine

Virgin Brass

$1234 Cleaning out the gun room. All virgin brass 416 mag x 100 $180 378wby SOLD 350 rem mag SOLD 7 STW x 350 SOLD 6.5rem mag x 800 $60/50pcs 325wsm x 100 $175 300norma x 100 $225 Text...
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15 hours · Barrhead

Full Box of Navy Arms 32 Short Rim Fire.

$450.00 Full box of Navy Arms 32 short rim fire ammunition. Box is in very good condition with a minimal amount of discoloration on one panel. Brass casings look shiny and the projectiles...
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15 hours · Barrhead

Antique Status Belgium British Bulldog

$1500.00 Chambering: .442 Webley Finish: Retains 40% original nickel finish. Mechanics: Very good in both single and double action, with perfect timing in advance and lockup is good. Bore...
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15 hours · Barrhead

Antique Status Belgian British Bulldog

$1850.00 Chambering: .44 russian Finish: Small amount of blue remains in the protected areas. Finish turning into a deep plum patina. Mechanics: Very good with tight lockup, perfect...
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15 hours · Barrhead

Antique Status New British Bulldog

$2500.00 Chambering: .44 Russian Finish: Retains 80% of original nickel finish Mechanics: Tight and crips with solid lock in both double and single action. Bore: 2 ½’’ barrel is in...
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15 hours · Barrhead

Antique Status Belgium Double Action Pinfire Revolver

$500.00 Chambering: 7mm Finish: Has a nice Plum patina with crisp cross engraving and silver embellishments. Mechanics: Works well in single and double action. Bore: 4’’ barrel is dark...
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15 hours · Barrhead

Antique Status Brass Percussion Derringer Pistol

$650.00 Chambering: .36 caliber Finish: Brass is polished, with very little patina. Mechanics: Firm and snaps nicely when fired. Bore: 2 ¼” smooth octagonal cannon barrel. Stock Condition...
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15 hours · Barrhead

Antique Status Connecticut Arms Hammond Bulldog

$2500.00 Chambering: .44RF caliber Finish: Retains 85% of its Original bluing, with minor scuffs and scratches. Frame has brilliant case colors. Mechanics: Excellent, crisp and tight....
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15 hours · Barrhead

Antique Status 1869 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle

$2500.00 Chambering: 50-70 caliber Finish: In the white. Mechanics: Very good condition, strong crisp action. Bore: Bright and shiny, lots of sharp lands. Stock: Good condition, various...
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15 hours · Barrhead

Antique Status 1873 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle

$1600.00 Chambering: 45-70 Caliber. Finish: Shows signs of wear, and has a nice plum patina. Mechanics: Action tight and crisp. Bore: Good rifling some evidence of pitting and black powder...
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15 hours · Barrhead

Antique Status Argentinian Rolling Block Rifle

$800.00 Chambering: .43 Spanish Finish: Has a nice Plum Patina. Mechanics: Action is tight and crisp. Bore: Good bore with dark rifling, and some evidence of BP freckling. Stock: Good...
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