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Israeli k98 .22 trainer

Regina · $1200 OBO

K98 Mauser .22LR conversion, converted by Israeli's as trainer rifles if I am to understand things correctly. Single shot only, .22 s/l/lr.

Mauser shotgun conversion

Dinsmore · $300

GEHA shotguns were converted from GEW 98 Mauser rifles after WWI around 1919-1929, maybe later.

Hi, I am looking for an original Mauser K98k in great condition. Can either be a German k98k or a Portuguese contract (it could also be a Norwegian capture).

the M1941 Johnson is a very rare firearm designed prior to WWII by a Marine Corps Captain.

A high end hunting rifle and scope, German Mauser 12, 300 WinMag, Z5 scope, like new, with a 5 rounds mag, hard case, sling, tripod, some ammos.

Talley Mauser 98 One Piece Rings

Parkland County · $40 obo

Mauser 98 small ring. 1inch high rings. Taken out of package, lightly threaded to rifle but did not line up level on my Parker Hale. Unused aside from checking for fit.

Bought this as an unfinished project rifle. It is shootable as is but still in same condition as purchased so looks like I will never get it done so down the road it goes. M98 action.

German Luger

Castor · $2000.00

1936 German Luger manufactured by Mauser
THIS IS A 12(6) PROHIBITED FIREARM so a 12(6) license is required.
Comes with 2 magazines.