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Hay and Greenfeed

Westlock · 65

Hay greenfeed Alfalfa bales. 660 newholland and 605k Vermeer bales. Round.

Hay For Sale

Rocky Mountain House, A.B · $55.00

Large J.D. bales cut and baled in July. I have alfalfa, timothy mixed bales and alfalfa, timothy, fescue mixed hay bales. Hay was put up dry and is excellent cattle feed. Phone 403-845-2926

Alfalfa Hay - Bales weigh 1350 lbs. 140 with a little rain on $70/bale; 200 with no rain $80/bale(picture)

Hay for Sale

Falher · 70.00

200 alfalfa,brome,timothy hay bales

Hay For Sale Round Bales

Millet · $50. ea

Grass hay with 10-20 % alfalfa. Hay was rained on but baled dry. 184 bales in total

1st&2nd cut hay, Greenfeed bales

Calmar · $70.00& up

1st& 2nd cut hay. 80% alfalfa 20% timothy. 1500lbs.
Oat/Pea/Ryegrass greenfeed bales. 1650lbs
Great quality feed
Free loading
Discount for quantity

Mixed Hay

OKOTOKS · 150 per ton delivered

grass alfalfa mix have feed tests baled dry some with a little rain some without

Hay for Sale

Olds AB · $90/ bale

Mixed hay for sale bale approx 1400 - 1500 LBS. Brome grass, Orchard grass and Alfalfa mix.

$90 in the field. Available 60 bales.

125 round hay bales

Breton · 60.00

125hay bales brome orchardgrass timothy fescue alfalfa . aprox 1450lbs had some rain baled dry

Hay for Sale

Irricana · $100.00/bale

350 JD net wrapped round hay bales, weighing close to 1500 lbs. no rain, cut & baled mid July, mostly alfalfa brome blend, some straight grass bales, loading included in price.