ABKC American Bully Puppies For Sale

ABKC American Bully Litter

Our Standard Classic ABKC American Bully Puppy, the One & Only left, is now looking for his Loving Family & Forever Home!

Our Bully Babies were bred from Champion Bloodlines, Pedigree, Lineage and the very Best Breeding Stock Foundation.

Our Sire & Dam were carefully selected for this potential litter not only to enhance and emphasis the impeccable qualities and excellent temperament of this already great Breed but also Genetically tested by Embark to confirm the health of the new production in that they are unlikely to develop inherited diseases, confirm solid temperament conformation, also to ensure the best overall well-being and longevity for healthy happy Puppies.

Our Bully Babies were hand reared with the utmost care, concern and love alongside assisting our Dam with her litter since they were born. The Pups have been socialized with our large pack, and our two young children in a variation of environment settings and situations, in addition to our Dam implementing puppy etiquette in the mix and along the way.

American Bullies are an extremely exceptional Family Dog with unconditional loving dedication, a very kind nature, excellent temperament and unequivocal loyalty. Bullies do not require excessive exercise or physical activity as they would much more prefer to sleep, eat, play, love on their Family, and be loved as a Family Member in their Forever Home.

Our Price Points are based on
Structure & Coat Color of each individual Bully Baby.

We only have ‘ONE’ very handsome Male left that is available for Adoption and will be ready to go to his Loving Family & Forever Home just in time for Christmas!

Included in Adoption:
-Companion Pet Contract(s)
-ABKC Registered
-1st & 2nd Immunizations with Health Vet Certificates, as well as up to date Veterinary Check Ups & Health Record Booklet.
-Socialization & ENS Early Neurological Stimulation
-Desensitized Sound & Noise Training in developing resilient and confident Puppies
-Basic Command Training
-Basic Potty Training Concept Implemented
-Puppy Care & Information Package
-Puppy Adoption Day Gift Package

We have set a precedence in having high standards and expectations for potential Adoption Applicants in order to guarantee a committed and Loving Family & Forever Home for each of our precious Bully Babies.

We are now accepting potential Adoption applications with scheduled viewing and interview screening with further in-depth Details & Information offered to
‘Serious Inquiries’ ONLY!

If you are interested and looking to add a new Family Member to your Forever Home, please contact me directly via ‘Text Msg’ with the telephone number provided.

Thank you kindly.

Jungle Bullyz Edmonton
Kerry Text Msg #780.975.6367








Post Date: November 30, 2023