Finished Beef Meat Steers Ready for Butchering

Get your freezer full of fresh BEEF for the winter/spring season ahead! We have 12 gradually finished meat steers ready for butcher 19-20 months of age. There are exotics / exotic cross / and angus on hand. They have been on grass and grain to provide that perfect mix of meat and marbling. They will be tasty on the grill or in the oven! There are several options for purchase whether live weight FOB the farm to your own butcher or FOB slaughter house where we arrange the facility. WE can also price it FOB rail/on the hoof once they have been slaughtered - this requires a deposit prior to delivery to the slaughter plant. There if options of full beef, half side of beef, half of half if you find someone to split the half to provide a variety of cuts from the side split into two. We will also be offering meat packages if a full beef or half is too much at one time. We can mix match varying cuts/steaks/roasts/stew meat/ground beef/chickens to make a 80-100 lb package of meat. We can also offer the heart, kidneys, oxtail, whatever you normally use. Fill your freezer with some tender home grown beef made into fresh steaks, roasts, hamburger, stew meat, sausage, etc. Quiet animals. Can be picked up live FOB farm or FOB various meat processing plants in East Central Alberta (several to choose from). Dates booked: Jan 16th - 4 steers; Jan 27th - 2 steers; Feb. 17th - 2 steers; March 9 - 2 steers; end of March - 2 steers. All booked with 2 weeks hanging. Taking bookings for halves or whole beef live or on the "hoof" rail weight after slaughter. Great finished quality - hormone free. Deposits required before bookings confirmed.







Post Date: January 12, 2022