Freelance Bulldog Puppies

Freelance bulldog puppies for sale. Will be ready to go first week of February. Parents were both purebred and health tested. No issues with puppies, all are extremely healthy and really playful. All are on solid food and are partly paper trained already.

Stubborn, bull-headed, and affectionate, the Free-Lance Bulldog is a hybrid designer breed that was developed from the French Bulldog and the Old English Bulldog. Weighing in between 28 to 55 pounds and standing at 13 to 15 inches, the Free-Lance Bulldog is a protector and guardian of his family as well as his home. He is stubborn when it comes to being trained but he is great with kids. The history of this breed is not documented but his parent breeds have rich histories. This charming breed loves to remain social and be the center of attention. His energy levels are moderate and he will have daily exercise requirements.




Stony Plain