Great Pyrenese x Standard Poodle Puppies for Sale

Start the new year with a sweet new family member!! These precious little pups are so ready to be added to a loving new home! Only 5 left,

We were filled with great anticipation for Nyx's litter of beautiful babies with their mommas sweet temperament. The puppies did not disappoint- the circumstances did and tragically these precious little angels lost their Pyrenees mother at 11 days old and were hand raised. Happily they all thrived and are ready for adoption. They have been very well socialized with many many people of all ages and other adult dogs.

Great Pyrenees were bred to guard and quietly protect livestock but are now commonly seen as loyal family pets. They are calm courageous dogs. Poodles are the smartest, easiest to train dog breed -true people pleasers. As a mix, Pyredoodles have a gentle mellow temperament. They are dogs who adore their family-children, adults, dogs and other animals. Many prior pups have new families with special needs children. They are the true gentle giants- often called nanny dogs because they are exceptional with small children.
Pyredoodles tend to be hypoallergenic with low to no shedding coats. Many have been placed with allergy sufferers. Generally they are easier to maintain than f1b doodles or poodles but do still require regular brushing and grooming.

Adult size ranges from 60-90 pounds average, like a large labradoodle. . Both parents have been genetically tested and prior litters have all been strong and healthy and very loved.

Pyredoodles love their people and form strong bonds. They are exceptionally smart and easily trained. Pyredoodles are inside pets but they are sturdy enough for any outside activity you enjoy. They are very content to lie quietly at your feet and chill out when indoors or to go on a long hike outdoors. They will of course be vet checked, vaccinated, and wormed. They are well pee pad trained and have started outside potty training.

If you think this might be the right dog for you please call or text Linda at 780-305-1335 or e-mail at I will be more than happy to provide you with more information, pictures or a time to visit. If it is more convenient a puppy "playdate" in Stony Plain can be arranged so you can see and experience them first hand!!

Thank you for considering these lovely babies!




Stony Plain



Post Date: January 01, 2022