Want to take care of Future Income?

The economy hit me hard like others. I was looking for some way of dealing with our deficit of more month than money. I became an agent on the ground in the Edmonton opportunity that is turning into a long term residual income. I now offer people wholesale rates for Internet. I also compete with the Oil and Gas industry. Had a lot of instant success getting customers. We even offer Security for homes. 3 more services coming in the next four months. ( people don't give me their business just because I am a nice guy! The company had something for them them. )
NOW THE WARNING: Many people prejudge things and miss out on what might have been a rewarding career. I did that too many times. I had this offered to me 5 times and finally the lights came on.
I haven't worked for 5 years at any REAL JOB with this down turn. Forced into retirement. What did I have to lose. It doesn't look like our economy is coming back anytime soon.
So in the mean time I am keeping myself busy and building a residual income. In one month I established accounts and learned the business at the same time and already have a $60 residual + made cash. Times that times 12 = $800 month. Times that over 4 years - $3200 month. This is without other incomes, That cash I spoke of, we get every month for hitting goals. I believe I will reach that $3000 to $5000 a month way before the 4 years. I simply don't want to lead you on.
Honesty and Integrity are huge in my books. This Company has all that.
I believe in one year I will no longer be paying any utility bills at all - as they have a get it FREE offer - I almost have my Internet free already. Also I will have a cash flow of $3000 to $5000 ( or more) coming in.
For me this is nothing to sneeze at. I welcome you to call me if you would like to sit down and discuss any of it. There is absolutely NO PRESSURE, Schemes, or Scams. This is not a online business.
Oh yes I do this Part Time