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The New Breed of 'Best Friend'
7 girls 1 boy!! LeopardDoodle Puppies *** Mom and dad are in the last 3 pictures****
Pick up October 9th, 2022
These puppies are 75% Louisiana Catahoula Leopard and 25% LeopardDoodle (50% Goldendoodle 50% Louisiana Catahoula Leopard)

Tri-Colors - Black/Tan/White - Silver/Tan/White
Black Tuxedo - Solid Silver - Solid Black

This is what owners have to say about their puppies:
"I would have sold a kidney for this dude, you guys are absolute geniuses for breeding this combo!" - current LeopardDoodle "Harvey's" owner, "Hes the protective, goofy, love sponge she (his wife) was missing."
" OMG we love her so much, and she is part of our family! She is happy go lucky and full of personality" Owners of Elli
From the family of Gypsy ~ "We take her to a doggie daycare, the daycare owners are older and had the business for over 20 years. They told us she is "The Best Dog that has ever come in".

Not sure how much more I need to tell you about them other than that! And yes, they are willing to talk to anyone and give references for us and the breed. ;)
I believe we are the first ones to breed LeopardDoodles in Canada, and have only rave reviews on everything from their personality, intelligence, attitude and just about everything you can think of. We have had families drive from Vancouver, B.C, South Eastern Saskatchewan and one puppy, went to Winnipeg Manitoba - that's our little 'Tuk' who is a happy, well serving, service dog. And these puppies are worth the drive!
They truly are the perfect combination for anyone, and any family. They get along great with other animals, and also do well on their own.

We live on a farm. Puppies are raised in the house until they are a month old. So they get lots of love and attention. We then move them to our heated barn where they have huge double stall space during the night and then they go outside during the day. We have an indoor riding arena, so during bad weather or colder days, they get run of the barn and the arena, so lots of room to run around. Our dogs are not cooped up at all! We go for walks around the farm and try to introduce them to a few new things every day. No one likes a fraidy-cat dog!

We have the opinion that everyone should own a Catahoula and they say that about Goldendoodles too, so a perfect combination! They are truly amazing companion dogs, can easily be a working dog and are loyal like no other.
As for shedding, their coat is typically a medium short combination, our previous litters have a bit of a wave on their back, and some have 'lanny mac' whiskers! They are low shedding, and they don't have the typical undercoat that people are allergic to. NO groomers needed!! Save thousands on hair cuts!

Dad comes straight from the heart of Catahoula Country USA.
'Rusty' is red with white chest and amber eyes, and mom is a tri-colored black, tan and white.

Mom is a home bred girl and weighing in at 75lbs, and stands 24" at the shoulder.
Dad is just a tad larger weighing 80lbs standing 25 " at the shoulder.
This is the first litter for these two parents so we would assume puppies will be around that size.

A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy.

They all come with:
1 set of shots
1 Deworming (2nd included in health package)
Vet Health Check
Puppy Package: Collar, small bag of food, real beef bone and a blanket that smells like mamma
Lifetime breeder support

These puppies are sold as PET ONLY - on a non breeding contract.
References available upon request.
Located just outside of Sherwood Park, AB.

Please give us a call if you have any questions!

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Post Date: September 23, 2022