2nd litter in CANADA ~ 6 LeopardDoodles ready to go!

All you need is a big red Bow!!
All of our owners LOVE their LeopardDoodles!
LeopardDoodle Life: Our puppies are born and raised with lots of exposure to all kinds of noises, kids, cats, horses, farm machinery other dogs and new people. They have fun exploring on the farm, seeing the sites and smells of the outdoors and indoors, playing on all kinds of obstacles, building confidence and having different experiences. Our owners usually can’t believe how friendly our puppies are! LeopardDoodles are extremely loyal, people oriented, very smart and make great alarm systems!
(See last photo for what they look like older - our Tri Color Phantom Female Nalla at 8 Months old)

Hair Coat: They have beautiful, short to medium short coat and some have a bit of wave to their coat usually along their back. They do shed a bit depending on their housing (indoor or outdoor) ours are outside for the most part – but they do NOT require hair cuts saving up to 800$ / year compared to other Doodle breeds.

Parents: Mom, Louie is a beautiful 60lb, Tri-colour Registered Leopard Catahoula, who is very loyal and really chill, she just loves a good belly rub! She is cautious when it comes to new people, and will always let you know if someone comes into the yard. Those blue eyes keep people waiting in their vehicle! lol
Dad, Marley is a 65lb F1B GoldenDoodle absolutely loves giving hugs and kisses!! He is raised by a very reputable GoldenDoodle breeder here in the Edmonton Area. (His owner would be happy to answer any questions. )

Why LeopardDoodles?? We wanted to combine the best of both worlds!
GoldenDoodles are intelligent, obedient and extremely loving dogs. They love people and also get along great with other pets, plus they tend to be patient and gentle with young children. They have a long coat that requires constant grooming and haircuts.
Catahoula Leopards are sometimes referred to as “The King of Stock Dogs” they can be intense, serious and focused when they have a job, and protective, playful and affectionate at home with their family. They are extremely loyal dogs, and very smart. Their coat is very short.

Combining the two breeds has given us the “Ultimate Family Friendly/Working Dog”. Firstly, they have a medium short coat and some puppies have a bit of a wave to the hair on their back. NO haircuts required, saving hundreds each year. Of course you can brush them, but they are overall cleaner because they don't track in all the mud and snow from outside like the long haired doodles. They do NOT have the undercoat which is what most people are allergic to, and depending on where they live, inside or out, will depend on how much they shed ~ either way, it's not a lot. They are so smart, and sensitive at the same time.
I tool our 9 month old female LeopardDoodle Nalla (SHOWN IN LAST PHOTO AT 8 Months) to the skate park, hockey practice inside a rec facility, into town on public trails where she walked for the first time with 80 year old gramma walking her. She was cautious, not scared, relied on me for direction, and confidently walked with me doing whatever I asked of her. She was a superstar.. and that was straight off the farm with no city experience!

Our LeopardDoodles have a great working sense. If you are on a farm or acreage, you can easily train them to hunt or herd, plus they make great alarm systems. Their sense of smell is incredible, you can watch them sometimes lift their heads up and sniff the breeze. One of our puppies has gone out East to be a service dog, and he sticks to his owner like glue. We would love to see our puppies have farm or acreage homes, but for an active town family, they are good too. They are very easily trained, and can be sensitive to just a stern look! Absolutely brilliant dogs.

Our puppies will all have been/had:
- exposed to grooming/nail trims
- dewormed
- first set of vaccinations
- health checked by veterinarian

Puppies come with:
- small bag of food that they have been eating
- puppy package including: toys and a blanket that smell like their mamma and siblings
- new collar
- lifetime breeder support
- non-breeding contract

Leopards - 3 All Males - $1800 1 Full Natural Bob Tail, 1 has Part Natural Bob Tail
Black Tuxedo - 1 Male 1 Female - $1500
Silver Tuxedo - 1 Female - 1600.00

$500.00 non-refundable deposit required to hold your puppy of choice.
Pick up 20 Minutes East of Edmonton, Alberta
More info and photos, please visit https://www.facebook.com/LeopardDoodlesCanada/ or /DogGonePuppies/

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** References from previous litter available on request.




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Post Date: January 02, 2022