Savage Rascal Single Shot Bolt Action Rifle .22 LR 16″ Barrel Scoped or Adjustable Peep Sight Accu-Trigger Black Synthetic

I bought the rifle that has stored in the safe and decided to sell for another youngster. The Savage Rascal youth rifle is a top choice for training the next young generation of shooting enthusiasts. It is the perfect choice for your childs’ first rifle, the Rascal series is safer, more accurate and easier to use than most single-shot rifles. The rifle has a manual safety and a simple chamber feed ramp that fits the smaller fingers Additionally, this rifle offers ammunition flexibility and is capable of firing .22 Short, .22 Long and .22 Long Rifle. Adjustable peep sights teach proper sight alignment and the rifle cocks itself safely by lifting the bolt. The adjustable AccuTrigger can be customized to teach proper trigger squeeze. The rifle has a Cricket scope with dot stadia reticle is easy to see by a youngster




Scotch Creek, BC