Assorted hand made Damascus and nitrate treated Stainless steel meat Clevers and bowie knives with Sheaths

Have a few hand made Damascus Meat Clevers, Large Bowie knives, all come with hand made QUALITY leather sheaths.also have a few KUKRI large knives with sheaths, all hand made ,
Every knive or cleaver come extremely Sharp. Are shipped to you untouch wit light oil on the surface of the blade.
When you receive the Demascus is covered in a light oil covering then covered by plastic .take plastic off blade and wype it off.
Black Nitrated stainless steel meat cleave $130 plus shipping
Damascus large Bowie knive with sheath $130.00 plus shipping
DAMASCUS meat Cleaver with sheath
$140.00 plus shipping
Demascus kukri curved blade with sheath $130.00 plus shipping
All knives and Cleavers come with hand made sheaths.and all are brand new.
Yes these knives are REAL DEMASCUS.





saskatoon saskatchewan



Post Date: December 03, 2022