Husky Puppies x 1/8 German Shepherd (1 female left)

Born Nov 25th, 2022. Ready to loving homes!

We had a sweet litter of 10 (1 females available)

They have been cared for and fed by the mom from birth and weaned onto quality puppy food. They have been raised in our home so they will be desensitized to various sounds and well socialized. The mom has a part of their daily routine, training them about "soft bite" and manners. Litter training with wood shavings and grass pellets started from 3 weeks old so they are learning to sleep and play in a clean area. This product may be used to place outside where you intend to have them learn to go to the bathroom.

Your pup will come with the following:

- litter trained for wood shavings and grass pellets as well at outside
- first & second set of vaccinations and deworming
- puppy care kit (small bag of premium food, blanket/bed, toy)
- collar, harness & leash
- a blanket that smells like mom and litter mates
- health record from the vet

They know basic commands.

Please message to request videos of the pups to arrange a visit! Located just west of Olds, Alberta.

Mika is mom: Almost 3 years old. She is Husky with 1/4 German Shepherd. She weighs 55 lb so she's a nice petite size. She's a pretty tan with white and a dipped tail. Her charcoal eyes and nose give her a very distinct look. Her personality is gentle, playful, inquisitive, and very loyal to her family and will protect them. She has never run away. She'll only bark when a visitor has arrived in the driveway to alert us. She greets us every morning by bringing us her favorite toy. Has energy to run and walk long distance but prefers to do so in a social setting, with us or another dog. Evening completes her when the family gets together in the living room and she's always ready for snuggles. *Health checked (cleared)

Leo is Dad: Almost 3 years old. 100% Siberian Husky. Average/Large size for a husky. White with grey and black. Beautiful brown eyes and black nose. He is a cheerful and gentle boy. Leo lives with another small dog who is his best friend. *Health checked (cleared)

The Husky Shepherd mix brings the best of two breeds. They are strong and smart, with independance of Huskies, and fierce loyalty of German Shepherds. While the Shepherd Husky Mix is a friendly breed, and perfect for families with children, the German Shepherd genes make him a great guard dog. The husky also brings a great companion as they are very social. Our pups and their parents are very sweet, gentle and intuitive.







Post Date: April 14, 2023