Multigenerational Golden Doodle Puppies

**Golden Doodle Puppies**

These little cuties will be ready just after Christmas and would make an amazing Christmas or early Valentines gift!

They come from extremely good bloodlines. Multigenerational Golden doodle and Poodle. A multigenerational Golden Doodle means they are not from a golden retriever and a poodle as parents, which would be great risk for shedding coats. The mother's parents were golden doodles, and their parents, and so on. The father is a pure bread poodle.

These puppies are raised around small children. I highly suggest researching the breed so you can learn what affectionate, loving, and great companions they are to be around families and children.

They are considered hypoallergenic, although no breed is considered completely hypoallergenic I can confirm that our children who have asthma and pet allergies do not react to these dogs at all and they also do not shed. These will be mid sized 40-60lbs.

Puppies will go to their new homes with their first vaccinations, deworming, vet checks, puppy packs, intro to pet insurance, blanket and toys that smell like mother and litter mates.

We are now accepting deposits of $500 to hold the puppy you choose. We will plan 1 day in late December where families can come and meet the puppies/choose one, or else I can match you up based on what you are looking for personally wise. Puppies are first come first served basis and once a deposit is put down that puppy is spoken for.

Puppies will be ready January 15.

Please contact me with any questions.




Red Deer



Post Date: November 25, 2021