German Shepherd female pups

My last litter from Karma and Quinn, born June 15th. a litter of nine. These are very well handled pups that have been brought up learning about having good manners. They have not been allowed to jump up, lick or tug on clothing, they have had nails done weekly and get paw massages as a reward. I have pictures of full siblings from last year and the owners of last years pups brag about how incredibly smart they are. These pups have been trained to pee and poop in one area of their pen which is 20x20, at night the sleep in the garage with full access to their pen. They have just started to bark if something or someone strange comes around. These girls are starting to show me their different personalities and are at the comical stage of ears going up and down so they look like little clowns. They spend a few hours each day with their father and grandmother because pups need to be disciplined by adult dogs to round out their training. They got the first leash lesson today as well as third boosters. I put a lot of time into my pups because I want them to have the best possible start. I make myself available to my buyers after their purchase if they need advise. For more information please text, tell me by the pups name or the toy that is with them and I will send you additional pictures of that pup, parents and grandparents. We are located near Red Deer but I can meet buyers from further away part way.






1 306 521-1371

Post Date: September 08, 2022