German Shepherd female pups

Born June 15th. to Karma and Quinn, nine husky solid healthy pups, only female pictures are in this ad and there are two pictures of each girl. If a certain pup catches your eye I can send all the pictures of that pup, pictures of the parents and pictures of last years full siblings. These are very well mannered pups, they have not been allowed to lick, pull on clothes or jump up. They come when they are called and have all been trained to pee and poop in one area of their outside pen. These pups will be very easy to train and eager to please. Both parents and the maternal grandmother are on my acreage, they alert as soon as a vehicle slows down out front. I don’t just sell a pup and disappear, I am here to advise you for as long as you need advice. My estimate on mature weight, depending on which pup, is between 85 and 100 pounds although they could get over 100, the grandmother is 110 pounds. We have no joint problems and no problem with unwanted aggression but there is no doubt in my mind that any one of the adult dogs on the property would step up to the plate to defend me if the need arose. For further information please text (do not phone) . I’m located near Red Deer






1 306 521-1371

Post Date: August 06, 2022