F1B Labra Doodle male pups

These boys are out of a litter of nine, born April 22nd to Stetson and Barbie. This is my final litter of Doodles, health issues on my part are the major factor for this decision. The smaller, blacker pup is Remington, his bottom canines were tipped slightly inward so my vet removed them which will allow his permanent canines to grow in properly, his price will be $500. Remington has the orange canvas duck as his toy. Rugar has a Mallard Duck as his toy and is slightly smaller than Saber, who has a Gorilla as his toy. Both Rugar and Saber are going to be silver when they mature. I’ve included a picture of one of their sisters and Rook, their Grandfather, to give you an idea of what they will look like. These boys all have three sets of boosters now, they’ve been dewormed twice (no worms either time) and are completely vet checked. They are great about having nails clipped, they’ve been taught not to lick or jump up. They’ve all had a few leash lessons and are learning to master stairs. If one of these guys catches your eye let me know by the toy in his picture and I’ll send all the pictures I took. They come with their toy, starter food, instructions on how they are being fed and some helpful hints. They are completely health checked and very well handled. For more information please text (do not phone) 1 306 521-1371. We are located near Red Deer.






1 306 521-1371


Post Date: August 07, 2022