Petite Chinese Crested pups

These 3 are rare, unique and very elegant.
Chinese Crested. They will stay petite not your average sized.
Papa is about 8lbs all black Crested and momma is a cream Powder Puff 10lbs.
Pups will be between 8-10 lbs.
Very intelligent, full of character and personality.
No fur maintenance, bathing is regular like any other dogs -every 2-3 weeks.
They do love the outdoors -especially Spring, Summer and Fall however, sweaters and milder days in the winter outdoors only.
They are very affectionate, quiet, and fun-loving. White fur female $1200 pic 3-4. Black fem $1200. Reddish/brown fur male $1500. Pics 5-6.
They get along great with dogs and are well socialized.
Raised in our home with lots of love, care and attention.
Fully vaccinated, dewormed on a regular
schedule and fully paper trained.
Come with a health guarantee and a bag full of their foods, toys, blanket and paper work.







Post Date: November 13, 2022