German Shepherd Puppies

We have German Shepherd Puppies available! These are family bred dogs, with a lower prey drive than working bred. This means they make excellent family pets, loving their humans yet still protective enough to be there on your hike or home.

They are not registered. By not being show dogs they have a healthier conformity with no issues of hip problems in the family and healthy dogs and pups. The mother is a long hair and the short hair father was brought over with an immigrant couple from Europe so he is built leaner than what we often see in North America for shepherds. Both parents have amazing temperaments and you're welcome to meet the mother, sadly the father recently passed. The father often hiked with our daughter, each parent was a dog of my kids, bonded tight to each. They are amazing for outdoors and families!

There will be a mix of long and short hair, dark colored and light. Albeit all GSD are born dark they lighten up over their first year but it can be told to some extent who lightens up.

We have 8 Males and 4 Females. They where born October 7th and will be 8 weeks December 2nd. Due to an injury to the mother they were weaned early under Vet supervision. The Vet has now approved that they may go to their new homes early at 6 weeks old. Should you choose this they will not have their shots yet and the cosg will be $75 less.

I will be removing puppies from the list as they are sold.

Bright Pink is the smallest pup of the litter and a dark long hair, she will look like Mom. LAST FEMALE

Black is a male who will be large, light and short hair. Second biggest pup of the litter.
Dark Green is our darkest short hair male.
Brown is a medium coloured smaller male who may be a long hair.
Light Green is a short haired light male like his Dad
Yellow is light in colour and may grow long hair
Orange is our biggest puppy, he is also very light and short haired
Red is a smaller puppy, and he will be light in colour with short hair
Dark Blue is a clone of his mama, with dark long hair. He is also the bravest of the litter.

We ask a deposit to be paid of $300. With this done you will get weekly update pictures of your puppy until you're able to come and get them. They are $1000 total.

Each pup will come with a colored collar, a handkerchief that smells like them and some of the puppy food they will be used too to assist in transitioning to whatever you feed them.

Each puppy will have had its first shots and deworming and come with his or her vet report.

We have more pictures of the parents and some update pictures of siblings as well should you like to see how your puppy may grow up.







Post Date: November 19, 2021