Original Antique 1800-1812 British, Dutch,Belgium Navy Pistol

This is an original 220 year old Naval Pistol from the Napoleonic wars, these were made in Leige and issued to all Navies at war with France, and heavily used by the British navy...THIS IS NOT A REPRODUCTION..it is a FLINT 69 cal. sea service pistol, These were never imported into Canada and are ultra rare here, some listed for sale in England, in 50 years of gun buying and selling I have never had another...and for this type of original pistol to be available in western Canada is unheard of...this example is complete and original overall, all brass sea service furniture, the over size lanyard ring is present, the only proof mark found is a crown over BN on the lock between the hammer and the frizzen, the main spring is strong and the gun is completely shootable..wood is sound with no major damage other than 220 years of being handled and issued on a British vessel..its actually unbelievable that this museum quality original naval pistol is in this condition...it should be a center piece in any above average collection.. I would keep it but I am dam near as old as the gun and it needs to go to a collector that actually understands that its aprox. 220 years old.....and no you do not require a PAL to own this jewel of history..


$1500 shipped






Post Date: May 26, 2023