1885 Winchester Creedmoor 45-70 custom rifle

This rifle is not a reproduction, but rather a recreation using an original 1885 Winchester High Wall action (the original gun was a 45-90 heavy Oct barrel I previously sold the original stock set and barrel ). It was custom built in 2002 by RKS, Ron K Smith, a custom rifle builder from Alberta , I purchased this rifle from a Sask estate with no addition information...however the work is extremely well executed and tastefully done, it has a new 1inch x 30inch heavy round barrel, Bore is bright and as new, It is equipped with an original Winchester single set trigger, new walnut stocks have been very well made and installed to replicate that of an original buffalo gun style, It is fitted with an extremely well made set of 1000 yard target sight set., these sights are extremely good quality and would cost well above $1000 all on their own...rifle comes with 90 rounds of commercially loaded BP loads and 70 rounds of smokeless loads., This is a seldom offered for sale example of a long range Target Buffalo rifle that is not an Italian repro...99% satin blue metal finish and a very nice hand rubbed oil finish on the wood stock set....this is a extremely nice custom built one of a kind 45-70 rifle....shipping will be extra and some what expensive due to the weight and overall length of this fine rifle.... Note: at a cost to me of $400 I had a local competent gun smith clean the action, test fire and he replaced the main spring with a new one, it is 100% operational and test fired...








Post Date: May 25, 2023