Browning BLR lightweight takedown LWT TD 450 Marlin

Browning BLR lightweight takedown in 450 Marlin, which is ANIB, and comes with many extras including a factory scout mount, a spare factory magazine, 27 factory Hornady rounds, 11 pieces of brass, and the original serial number's matching box with manual! This little rifle is quite hard to find in this configuration, with 450 Marlin examples of any type being scarce, and this is actually the only 450 Marlin LWT TD I've seen.
LWT TD BLR rifles in other calibers with barrels longer than 20in. This is a rare bird to say the least. As per Browning's website, all BLR rifles appear discontinued although I would assume the 450 Marlin was discontinued some time ago since Marlin themselves discontinued models in 450 Marlin in 2010.




Fort St. John



Post Date: July 19, 2024