Great Pyrenees x (1/8) German Shepherd Puppies

This is a litter of Pyrenees puppies with 1/8 German Shepherd that were born on November 1; they are only three days old!

The father is a white Pyrenees, and he is a very large dog at 150lbs

The mother is Pyrenees with 1/4 German Shepherd and is Black and Tan

These puppies will be excellent family dogs, guard dogs, or livestock guardian dogs. Pyrenees are a multipurpose dog, that so exceptional in colder climates, and can withstand the cold Canadian winters even in cold snaps of -30 to -50, and be fine.

These dogs are very loving and gentle with children, and really enjoy cuddling with their families.

Pyrenees are great at exterminating coyotes if need be, and watch your livestock.

These dogs are great for those living on an acreage, and small towns can be good too. They are great at deterring theft, and are good dogs for survival situations and alerting if anyone comes on to your property.

This litter has 3 males and 5 females, with 7 of the 8 being white and black spotted, and one pup is full black with a white underside.

Finding homes for these for a farmer

I travel within central, north and southern Alberta, but primarily am around Edson or Devon area.

To inquire, and reserve a spot for your pup early, call or text 587-336-6789







Post Date: November 28, 2022