Umarex USA Colt 1911 WWII Commemorative Limited Edition (CO2 .177 cal)

Umarex USA Colt 1911 WWII Commemorative Limited Edition 294/500 (CO2 .177 cal)
New, Unfired and Never Displayed. Package in original decorated box with all documents, manual, tool, # 294 of 500. Limited Edition Colt 1911 WWII Commemorative were offered by Umarex only to buyers at NSSF’s annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, January 14-17, 2014. This beautifully crafted and high quality 1911 with the same weight and feel has a unique aged metal finish and bears an engraving of “Colt” and “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima” on the slide that captures the essence and memory of the WWII. This rare and collectable “CO2 cartridge pistol” is a fine example of a Colt 1911 WWII Commemorative that can be legally displayed unlocked in Canada.
$577.00 Phone 780-476-5882 (no text landline).
$100.00 Display Frame (only sold with the pistol or if still available, after the pistol sells).







Post Date: July 12, 2024