RSQ1 Non Restricted .223 Precision Semi Auto **IN STOCK**

Made is Chilliwack, British Columbia Match grade hand lapped 20” heavy barrel, 1:8 twist, 5/8x24 threads, M lok handguard, spring loaded folding left side charging handle, Trigger Tech Diamond adjustable 1.5lb - 4lb flat faced trigger, and an adjustable stock.
The upper and lower are a proprietary design. They’re much thicker than on an AR15, they slide together and lock on lugs, then are secured with a bolt as opposed to hinging on a pin like ARs do. This helps reduce harmonic inconsistencies. The barrel extension is thicker and longer than on a regular AR15. It supports the barrel over a greater surface area, and sits in the receiver deeper. This eliminates the need to bed the barrel as is commonly done to help with accuracy in AR15s. The barrel nut is also thicker and longer supporting the handguard over a greater surface area. The barrel extension pin and bolt carrier group are also proprietary.
Different receiver dimensions and barrel profiles were tested to see which would produce the most consistent harmonic signature. This combo was the winner.. It’ll take AR15 magazines, stocks and grips.


Description and 300 yard shooting

300 yard shooting

Mag dumps

308 model shooting 500 yards

$4250 + Tax and shipping, PAL Required

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Post Date: June 24, 2022