Baby Diapers for the Thrifty Budget!

Our cloth diaper supplies (made in Camrose) will diaper your baby for just $7.80 A MONTH! That works out to just 26 cents per day, over the average 2 1/2 year diaper-wearing stage.
You will also save the environment from preventing 2 1/2 tonnes of filthy plastic diapers from going into the dump, as one baby will create that much garbage when using disposables!
Cloth diapering is very simple--even though the internet "experts" make it seem otherwise. We will give you the easy, no mess, instructions with your purchase.
Your baby will thank you; cloth diapers are very comfortable as they allow air to get to the skin. Less chance of diaper rash as you can more easily keep baby in a dry, fluffy cotton diaper.
Our diapers unfold so they can be air-dryed, no need to run the dryer so you can also save on your utility costs.
Pre-ordering your diaper layette is necessary 3-6 weeks in advance.
Please drop in to our store (Baby Love Products) at 5015-46 St in Camrose (10-6 Mon-Fri, 10-4 Sat). Diaper experts since 1983!







Post Date: March 18, 2023