Malinios Dane x Border Collie/ ALERT

Born May 3rd /2022, ...there has been a situation with Calgary Humane Society...they had gotten some 2 different types of policing to remove my dogs from my house, all the while my mom was suffering sever dementia thinking and believing that i hurt her...i had arranged a new place for us and before i could get my dogs moved they went in and took all my 12 dogs 1cat and 2 hamsters....without an investigation about their situation or being notified, they took my furfamily , and started rehoming them 2 weeks later...these guys are my dogs and they are liscend and microchipped to me...please contact me if you have my Belgium Malinios × Border Collie has a new Great Dane × Border Collie ......large to xlarge....they are a Hybrid...easy to train, easy keepers and easy to clean ....few pups have Shepard coat but majority are short hair..
...vaccinated for the year; microchipping included....they are all liscenced now, since we are inner city Calgary and the liscence will be transfered over....transfer fee included with asking price....their training for obedience is on going, they will be neutered and spayed, ......the dogs are anywhere between medium to large...they are a must see to believe....have the quick learning quality from the Belgium Malinois, very loving and easy to train of a Great Dane with the loyalty of a Border Collie....I will be keeping the dogs until you decide, that this would be your type of dog that would make your household safe....these dogs are guardian companions...which means that these guys would make beautiful farm dogs but need to come in at night and be in the company of their family.....they already have a distinctive bark between intruder or coyote.....if there is concern in purchasing a guardian...please..dont hesitate to reach out to me, always available for questions....please no breeders....i treat all my dogs like my own and would like to see my dogs go to a home that would love them more then i do....thank you




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Post Date: July 10, 2024