Malinios Dane x Border Collie

Born May 3rd /2022, The pups are ready for Belgium Malinios × Border Great Dane × Border Collie ......large to xlarge....they are a Hybrid...easy to train easy keepers easy to clean ....few pups have Shepard coat but majority are short hair..
.low shedders, awesome ranch dogs/ have to be trained for livestock commands.....vaccinated for the year; microchipping included.....3 boys, 2 girls....they are beginning their training for obedience as they are over 6 months old now and require the attention from their people...they will reach weight of 60 to 100 pounds...they have quick learning quality from the Belgium Malinois and very loving and easy to train of a Great Dane with the loyalty of a Border Collie....I will keep my puppies until you decide this is your type of dog that you would want in your household.....these pups are guardians and companions.....these guys would make beautiful farm dogs but need to come in at night and be in the companion of their family.....pups already have a distinctive bark between intruder or coyote.....if there is concern in purchasing a puppy...please..dont hesitate to reach out to me, always available for questions ....and more then happy to help....thank you






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Post Date: December 05, 2022