Beautiful Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

❤️ We’ve nicked named this puppy Winnie. She is a darling little pup that loves attention. Her favorite way to cuddle is to swaddle her in a blanket and hold her like a baby (when she is sleepy). If you happen to yawn when she is close to your face, you will most likely get her tongue in your mouth.

Our puppies are exceptionally gentle, loyal and comforting with lots of cuddles and kisses. When looking for your perfect match take note that: the first few months of life has soooo much to do with the life long temperament of a dog. And because we understand this, we invest a lot of our hearts ❤️ into the heart ❤️ of your puppy.

We are a family of Breeders specializing in raising high quality, rare and exotic colored Yorkshire Terriers and Biewer Terriers such as:

✔️ Golddust and Sable Biewer Terrier (Yorkshire Terrier German lineage)
✔️ Standard (Blue & Gold) Yorkshire Terrier
✔️ Parti Yorkshire Terrier (Various colors)
Thus the beautiful and unique colors of our puppies!

⭐️ We donate a portion of all puppy proceeds to local dog rescue and donate food and essentials to local Albertans. Ask us about this initiative. ⭐️

⭐️ We appreciate you taking the time to read our complete ad, it contains important information for you! ⭐️
⭐️ Prices on puppies vary and are listed below. ⭐️
⭐️ We DO NOT rehome to Breeders. Sold as pets only. ⭐️
⭐️ We hold back our puppies until 10 weeks or later as this gives our puppies a better start in life. ⭐️
⭐️Please provide us with information about the loving home you can give one of our puppies. ⭐️
⭐️ Memory Mountain Yorkies are a family of Breeders from different households with various listings.

This puppy is located in High River.⭐️

Puppy comes with:
✔️ Total Package Value Approx: $265-$450 (Veterinary fees vary)
✔️ TWO CORE VACCINE which helps protect puppies from deadly parvo virus and other viruses.
✔️ A Veterinary Health check, Health Certificate and Health Card.
✔️ Deworming.
✔️ Puppy package including a full bag of food, blanket and Breeder approved treats.
✔️ Information on how to care for your puppy.
✔️ A one and a half year genetic health guarantee.

❤️ Charting to be 6-6.5 lbs full grown.

About Yorkies:
✔️ Hypoallergenic
✔️ Little to no shedding
✔️ Tender-hearted companion dogs.
✔️ Little dogs with big hearts.
✔️ Good-natured and social with humans and other dogs.
✔️ They don’t like to be left alone. They have feelings much like people do.

✔️ Dam: Yorkshire Terrier weighing at 8 lbs.
✔️ Sire: Golden Yorkshire Terrier weighing at 4 lbs.

What you get is a puppy who has been loved and nurtured along with:
✔️ Pee pad and outdoor potty training started.
✔️ Socialization with other dogs and animals, people (including children) and various settings.

WE LOVE OUR PUPPIES therefore their happiness comes first and foremost. We will only re-home to someone who understands that a little puppy cannot be left alone, i.e., retired person, work from home or can take puppy to work or puppy daycare (after vaccinations completed). Our puppies will also do well with another small dog or “friendly” cat. Tobacco smoke is detrimental to a tiny dog’s health so we will not re-home the puppies where there is inside smoking.

We understand that buying a puppy can be challenging but also exciting and we will help you through the process the best we can, answering any questions you may have.

Sadly, there are many puppy scams that one must be wary of. We do not ask for a deposit unless absolutely necessary (under rare circumstances) and we do not take your payment unless your puppy is placed in your arms. Exchange and meeting in person only.

We have references and over 15 years experience in the vet industry as well as over 12 years combined in breeding Yorkshire Terriers.

Our dogs receive regular veterinary care and are healthy with no genetic illnesses.

If ad is up, puppy is still available.

We have other puppies available so please inquire if you are interested in other puppy options.

Delivery available to some locations, may or may not require additional fuel charge.

Thank you kindly for reading this to completion.

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Post Date: February 12, 2024