Cane Corso Puppies

We had a litter of puppies March 28th - available to take home now.


1 all black male available

Each puppy will have a starter kit and come with first vet visit, 4 deworming and 1st set of shots.

Mom is a pure cane corso, 86 pounds, 4 years old, well tempered, great with kids and other dogs/cats and is very obedient. She is Brown with brindle coloring.
Dad is a pure cane Corso, roughly 140 pounds ,2 years old and silver in color. He also is great around kids and is playful and lovable. Mom will be present and dad can be met if you would like.

Cane Corsos are utterly devoted to their family and tend to stick close to them at all times. They are eager to please and fairly easy to train

At a glance the Cane Corso may appear intimidating, but he is all heart and responds to love and rewards far better than harsh corrections. He is intelligent, loyal, eager-to-please and versatile.
Canes are also a protective breed, so early and proper socialization with people, children and other dogs is key. Once socialized properly, these dogs will bond closely with children. 

A $500 non refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy and photos will be taken and sent until puppy can go home with you.







Post Date: June 10, 2021