Dining Room Furniture, Solid Oak : Table & Chairs & Cabinet

Solid Oak Wood Dining Room Furniture including:
*A large cabinet (large buffet hutch) with four glass doors (upper portion), four drawers (middle part), and four wood doors (lower portion). Measures: width 66.5 inches for the upper portion and 68.5 inches for the lower portion, height 75 inches (43 inches for the upper portion and 32 inches for the lower portion), depth 13.5 inches for the upper portion and 17.5 inches for the lower portion. It has three shelves in the upper portion and two shelves in the lower portion. The shelves are adjustable for different levels. On sale for $ 1000.
* A dining table with extensions. Measures: 82 inches in length with the two side extensions , and 52 inches without the extensions. These extensions are removable and each measures 15 inches in length on each side. The table is 38 inches wide, 31 inches high, and covered with thick glass (0.25 inch thickness) for protection.
* A set of four chairs for the table. The seat is covered with a nicely textured textile and wavy thick beige, creamy, or brownish threads. Measures: The seat is 50 X 52 cm, 42 cm. high, and the back is 100 cm high.
The table and chairs are on sale for $1000.
This furniture is well preserved, in excellent condition as new, rarely used.
Selling to an acceptable offer.


$ 2000






Post Date: June 12, 2022