Pointer Cross puppies (English Pointer/German Shoirt hair Pointer)

We have the most amazing little pointer cross puppies. They are raised using Puppy culture o they are well rounded flexible pups with great socializing and developing good manners. They spend all day following us around and being apart of our daily routine. They are a very lovable, friendly breed and very people orientated, they are active yet have a good switch to relax inside. They require regular exercise and are active.
pups will go with age appropriate vaccinations.

We spend many hours helping our pups become well rounded lovable family companions, they are socialized with people of all ages as well as all our farm friends. They will be a wonderful addition to any active family. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. please feel free to text me @ 780-305-8470. or if you would like to chat call 780-674-5120. Also please look over my Instagram page so you can see our family pets and their lives. backcountry_beagles








Post Date: June 27, 2022