Full Time Pharmacist Position

What you’ll do:

Provide patient focused services such as injections, medication reviews, and minor ailment prescribing to maximize patient care. Provide professional advice and counselling on prescription and OTC medications including indications, dosage, adverse effects, and drug interactions.

Support the development, implementation, and maintenance of policies and procedures that comply with federal and provincial legislation, regulations, bylaws and accrediting body standards. Maintain quality management policies and procedures for reporting, documenting and following up on known, alleged, and suspected errors, incidents, and discrepancies.

Ensure all medication dispensing processes are accurate and appropriately managed while focusing on the timely delivery, reporting, invoicing, ordering, and communication. Oversee all dispensing duties carried out by a Pharmacy Assistant to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of all prescriptions dispensed.
Develop and maintain strong working relationships with health care professionals in the community to ensure optimal patient care. Collaborate with other health care professionals on a regular basis to identify and resolve drug therapy problems. Participate in industry association events and stay up-to-date with developments in the pharmacy profession.


You have a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (B.Sc.Phm.) or a Doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from a recognized institution.
Pharmacy experience is an asset.
Injection certification and current licensure and good standing with relevant provincial College of Pharmacists is required.
You’re honest and trustworthy, are results-oriented and strive to be the best in what you do.
You believe in building relationships and collaborating to deliver solutions that matter most, and you recognize the value that different perspectives bring to meet shared objectives.






Post Date: September 30, 2022