Boerboel/Cane Corso Mastiff Puppies

Puppies born September 24th.
Pick of the liter is already gone and chose the only boy, 2nd and 3rd pick is available. There are 8 beautiful and unique girls left and will average over 80 lbs by 6 months, 100 lbs by 1 year.
There are 2 rare colored pups born, both girls, a reverse brindle black pup (has some light brindle within her coat) and a liver ginger pup. She has more of a ginger/light brown/red coat, has pink skin so pink paw pads, eyelids and nose. The rest are black or brindle variation and I believe 1 is pure black.

We have an Instagram page for the previous 3 liters and owners to speak to, ask any questions about how their pups have grown.
Dad, Odin, is Cane Corso/ Fila Masfiff
Mom, Alexa, is Boerboel/ Cane Corso Mastiff. Both mom and dad are about 170 lbs. Moms features are Boerboel Cane Corso blue reverse brindle with light brown eyes. She has very large paws, and wide head and chest. Dads features are Fila Cane Corso, he is a brown and black striped brindle design, large head and is taller and wider than than mum. He has speed and likes to play wrestle with our teenage boys. Both have been raised around very small children, have very calm and tolerant temperament of other dogs and children climbing all over them. Our dogs have never shown aggression or concern except towards wildlife.

Check our instagram page to see more info about mom and dad.

Pups will come with first set of shots and vet checks as well as puppy care package with bag of dog food and will be ready for new homes by about November 15th

Serious inquiries only please, these are not the pups to go home only looking for a cheapest pup they can find. Mastiff breeds are not for everyone, please do a bit of research.
Our dogs are raised on as much wild meat as possible. Scraps, organs and bones from butchering elk, moose, deer etc.
Pups will not be held or kept without a minimum of $200 deposit.







Post Date: October 07, 2022