12g ar style semi auto , 300 win mag savage , custom sks with amo (NON RESTRICTEC PAKAGE)

P.A.L required..!

if you are not from calgary i might be able to deliver when i go north for work
I have this guns for sale because i need the money to invest in my business nothing wrong with them i'm actually sad to see them go...

from top to bottom:

1# -cal: 300 winchester magnum 1000$
-model: savage 111 with accutrigger and detachable magazine
-comes with: a. butt stock cover ( color tan ) has a pocket and bullets holder
b. champion bipod
c. full 2 moa picatinny rail
d.nikon BDC reticle variable zoom 3x9 second focal plane with rings and protectors
e.vortex bubble level
f. sling

2# -cal: 12 gauge 3`shotgun 900$
-model: TR100 uzkon arms semiautomatic magazine fed
-comes with: a. adjustable butt stock (cheek piece / telescopic / collapsible)
b. picatinny hand stoper ( vertical grip)
c. iron sights (ar handle sight style)
d. threaded muzzle brake
e. 3 steel magazine with a capacity of 5 rounds (one is pinned to 2 rounds to hunt birds but you can remove the ribbet if you want)
f. the gun is wrapped in camo / the 3 magazines as well and the muzzle brake
g. 3/4 hand guard with picatinny rails with matching wrap

NOTE: the shotgun on the picture have a red dot with a magnifier, THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED

2# -cal: 7.62 x 39 mm 450$
-model: custom SKS (russian rifle) semi automatic
-comes with: a. full optic rail that holds zero
b. matador arms extended magazine release
c. tapco stock with telescopic buttstock and picatinny rail on the bottom front
d. 2 tapco magazines of 30 rounds pinned to 5 for legal requirements
e. weaver scope with rings BDC second focal plane
f. 300 rounds
g. angled grip

if you are interested in all 3 ..... just throw me a reasonable offer and we can negotiate