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Thank you for clicking this ad for The Top Dog Store. You have come to the best place to find a healthy, happy puppy for your home. We have literally hundreds of five star reviews from clients who are thrilled with how our puppies have been such a wonderful addition to their families.

All the pups pictured here are available immediately and all the rest of our pups can be found on our website so give us a call if you find your match online.

We are located in Calgary and we can fly your puppy to any Westjet destination like Grande Prairie, Fort Mac or even Edmonton Call us for more details at 403 807 1702

We have a wonderful selection of small and low shedding puppies that are bred specifically for robust health and friendly doggy personalities and most importantly, they are ready to go home with you today!

This is how it works:

All of our puppy photos can be viewed on our website at and it is updated every 24 hours.

Visit our page frequently and call us at 403 719 8262 to book an appointment AS SOON as you find a puppy you like. We will put your puppy on hold for up to 48 hours until the whole family can come for a meeting and to see if we have made a good match.

During your 90 minute no-obligation puppy appointment, one of our certified Puppy Advisors will guide you through every step of the homing process to ensure you have all the information, supplies, and confidence you need for a happy puppy homecoming. You will also have the option of meeting any one of other unreserved pups if you change your mind about the first one.

All appointment details will be provided at the time of booking

Or just come in for a visit and meet any of the puppies that do not have appointments booked and find out first hand why a Top Dog puppy will be the right fit for your home.

About our puppies

At The Top Dog Store you will find healthy, happy, and ethically sourced family pets.

We are a family owned and operated small business in Calgary, located at the corner of McKnight Blvd and Edmonton Trail NE. We have been providing healthy happy puppies into our community since 2006 and we work closely with our veterinarians, breeders, and new puppy owning families to ensure the best possible pet for your home.

The puppies you will find at the Top Dog Store are all bred right here in Alberta, and all of the breeders we work with are inspected regularly by a veterinarian and our Kennel Inspection Team. These breeders have many years of specialized experience and follow veterinarian approved breeding protocols that produce the healthy, happy puppies that we have on offer in our store.

All our puppy parents must be cleared by our breeders' veterinarians in order to participate in our breeding program and when it is time to retire, the breeding dogs are altered and placed into homes in the community, or kept as pets by the family.

We offer low to medium shedding, small to medium sized puppy breed types, between 8 and 12 weeks old, such as Cockapoos, Schnoodles, Cavapoos, Morkies & Horkies, but often have a wide variety of puppies available.

Our most popular puppies are small (under 15lbs mature), low shedding breed types.

As soon as the puppies receive a clean bill of health from our consulting veterinarian, they are ready for adoption.

After your meet and greet appointment, your puppy can go home with you as soon as you have completed paperwork and have everything you need for a successful puppy homecoming .

Our website is updated frequently, and once a puppy has been adopted, their picture is removed from the site.

If you click on our puppy pictures, their parents' weights and their birthdate information are visible.

For guests with allergenic concerns, we recommend making an appointment with one puppy only, and then allowing the puppy to lick wrists and neck area where reactions tend to present the fastest. We also recommend rubbing puppy on clothing, and then leaving for at least 3-4 hours to see if a reaction occurs. Please keep in mind that if a guest has a minor reaction during an appointment, that reaction may increase substantially once the puppy is in the home and in contact all the time.

Our Puppy Advisors are happy to provide a variety of allergen reducing options for guests to try as well.

Your Top Dog Puppy program includes:

- a comprehensive congenital/hereditary one year Health Warranty,

- a complimentary Vet Visit with one of our veterinary partner clinics to ensure your puppy was in perfect health when it left our care for your home

- a complimentary online Puppy Parenting Seminar with our Canine Behavioural & Education Specialist,

-Your puppy's health record, which will show that all vaccinations (DA2PP & Bordetella), preventative treatments and dewormings have been kept right up to date.

- An AVID microchip for permanent identification and indisputable proof of ownership in case your pet ever becomes lost

-The puppy's birth certificate with pictures and the sizes of the parents, to give you a better idea of how your pup will look all grown up.

- Six weeks of free trial pet insurance when you take your puppy for the complimentary initial vet exam. We strongly recommend that new puppy owners maintain this pet insurance after the six week trial for the well being and safety of their pets.

- Our Puppy Package with almost everything you need to get started including a kennel, dry food, training spray, cleaning spray, shampoo, puppy pee pads, a rope bone toy, a dog tag, and anti chew spray. The Puppy Package retails for $224.97 and if you buy one we will deduct $100 off of the puppy adoption fee and we will also give 15% off anything else you buy that day.

- 10% off everything you purchase at The Top Dog Store for the lifetime of your puppy.


Most of our small sized, low shedding puppies are usually listed between $2288 and $2988 + GST, with an average listing of $2488 + GST.

Select special pups are generally priced between $1188 & $2288 + GST. These pups are usually a little older and are the last of their litter with completed or almost completed puppy vaccinations.

You can get competitive financing for your puppy with low monthly payments
We offer payment programs as low as $50 per month through an excellent 3rd party financing option. Guests who are interested in financing options for puppies can visit for more information and to save time by prequalifying ahead of time.

Owners are required to alter their pups by 6 months of age, as part of their routine health care, but this is not covered under warranty. As a rule of thumb, new puppy owners should plan for approximately $600 in regular vet care costs, including spay/neuter, but not including emergency expenses, in the first year.

We encourage all family members to come, speak with a Puppy Advisor, and meet our puppies before deciding on a new family member.

We can assist you with questions regarding size, shedding, activity/exercise requirements, training, and other factors you need to take into account when choosing a puppy for your home and lifestyle.

Please visit our website at, or give us a call at 403-719-8262 between the hours of 10 AM & 6 PM Monday to Saturday, or Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM. We are happy to speak with you!


$1188 - $2988




403 719 8262

Post Date: March 01, 2023