Posting the Same Ad in Multiple Towns or Categories

Can I post the same (or Similar) ads in multiple Towns and Categories (Duplicate Ads)?

No, but there are good reasons why not...
‣ We already show ads to everyone in all nearby towns.
‣ Duplicate Ads would clutter up our search engine.
‣ Our search results include all ads, so anyone searching for your item will find it.
Everyone wins because if the site is clean of duplicates and has lots of variety it will bring more buyers and sellers.

Paid Options

Consider running a Premium Ad or Top Ad if you would like to get more visibility in other Towns and across TownPost.

Can I Trick the System?

Wait... What if I try to post duplicates anyways or use different account info?
Any attempt to workaround to post in multiple towns or categories will likely get your ads flagged so they rank lower and show up in fewer places getting less visibility than if you just stuck to the one ad policy.

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