Why Can't I Post a Trade Deal in More than one Category?

We frequently have people that want to post an item they are looking to trade into 2 categories, the category that the item belongs in as well as the category of the item they would like to trade for.
A common example is hunters wanting to trade a Bow for a Firearm.

Short Answer:Don't post duplicate ads in multiple categories.
In some cases you can get away with posting something in the "wrong" category, but it may be better if you don't. (read the long answer)
Long Answer: We prefer that you post the item in the category where it belongs (in this example it would be the Bows category since the people interested in bows are going to be looking there). However, in this example, if you post a well-worded ad, trade value, with photos and perhaps clarified the type of firearm you are looking to trade for we will leave it in the Firearms category. Keep in mind that you may receive negative comments from other users that despise this practice, you must accept this as the price you pay ;)
Bows are somewhat relevant to the Guns category, but Another example would be an item completely unrelated like Jewelry, household items, and other knick-knacks. This is not permitted and will only create a furious mob of annoyed users that will flood your ad with comments (rightfully so), and TownPost will receive many angry phone calls and e-mails asking us to ban you.
What you can do, is post your item in it's correct category and include keywords to catch someone searching. So put your ad in Bows so that crowd sees it and use an ad title like "Looking to Trade xxxxxx Crossbow for a good 12 Gauge Shotgun".
Low Quality or Irrelevant ads may rank lower or get moved - If you decide to post your trade deal in the "wrong" category there's a chance that:
‣ We move your ad to the correct category.
‣ We contact you with a friendly heads up to avoid doing this.
‣ Your ad is flagged as low quality making it show up lower in search results and category pages.
‣ Members downvote your ad or flagging you with "Ignore" so they don't see your future ads.
If you move your ad back to the wrong category after we fix it or if you post duplicate ads may get your ad(s) flagged as low quality, removed, or we may send you a friendly nudge not to do this.

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