Why Can't I Delete and Re-Post My Ad?

One of our most frequently asked questions goes something like this, "As soon as I post or bump my ad a bunch of other ads come right after and push my ad down the list and off the first page, why can't I delete and re-post?"

I could write a novel but here are the top 5 reasons...

‣ Because 400 other people that would delete and re-post immediately after you so your ad would be on page 35 instead of page 3.
‣ There would be no variety on the first few pages from day to day.
‣ Our users know we don't allow clutter so they dig, many daily users go to page 20, 30, 40+
‣ Doing this causes people to lose their bookmarks (then they get mad at us)
‣ Deleting/Reposting causes issues with Google Search results, a buyer will click on your ad and will be informed your item already sold so you actually lose the sale.

Search Results are more important than being at the top of the category.

Don't worry about getting bumped down the list, because showing up in our search results is way more important. The people that are ready to buy often know what they want and they're searching for it.
‣ Make sure your ad has the correct wording and spelling.
‣ Describe your item fully, include all details, sizes, and years.
‣ Include decent photos

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