Winchester m70 300 wsm baco

Looking to trade my Winchester M70 300wsm baco. (Rifle only)
Last of the U.S produced m70's by F.N in south Carolina.
Rifle is in very nice shape.
Only considering trading as 300wsm ammo is tough to find currently and I do not reload.
This is a consistent 3/4 m.o.a rifle with 180gr federal premium trophy bonded ammo and 1.5 moa with federal 180grain blue box.
Ideally I would like to find the same rifle in 308 .
But will consider others with a strong leaning towards crf actions and something chambered in a common .30 cal.
308 being first choice and 30-06 and 300 win tied for 2nd.
But try me.
Not interested in budget Tupperware rifles as primary trades.

Would have some interest in a howa 1500 or wby vanguard s2 308 with a Atlasworxs Bottom Metal / DBM (AICS).
But No houge overmolded stocks please.

Face to face deals only and I dont mind driving a bit for the right trade.
I have 90 ish brass and 30 ish rounds of ammo that can go with it if wanted.
All the pictures you want on request.
TEXT 780-690-1037






Post Date: March 25, 2023