cashy/trade looking for charles newton rifles/ or meeker rifles

so i collect Charles newtons/buffalo ( 1924 model ) . cambered "; 22, newton, 30 us gov;'t 256 newton, 30, newton, 35 newton, i buy rifle parts , barrels,receivers, sights, triggers, reloading tools, moose head brand hard leather mutton cases, there were some Springfield converses offered, to turn in to newton cal offered in the 03,. a friend of his Fred Adolph developed the express rifle, and they both made a fair few customs. in falling blocks so on. cartridge box's stamped newton , Speer was one that put out stuff till the 1950s till stock ran out ( black box's ), even newton catalogues, anything newton, i offer cash, better yet rifles i have on hand. i traded a 300H/H in a browning 1960s high power that was unfired, 99% condition , i traded for a untouched well used newton. uncut not drilled or tapped, stock as factory issued , i have scopes i trade as well, heres info on sales by cal=256 =62.7 % =2508 issued
30 newton=15.7 % =628 issued
30usg. =13.7 %=548 issued
35 newton=6.0%=240 issued
so its around 4000 rifles were issued ,not counting all the one of a kinds. i have two proto types. p/s his take down stocks are were almost impossible to use with anything else. i buy them as well. Ron salmon arm b/c Canada
p/s i have a new never used weatherby layzer mark stock up for trade.value= for something newton.




salmon arm