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I buy / sell / trade / repair / and restore "conventional hunting firearms ONLY." See more guns for sale, or trade, by clicking "TCVH" on this ad and site. New guns weekly. All prices are OBO. I also restore antiques, furniture and anything of interest. I will do custom work and trade instead of cash payments. I also do pest control. This summer, working among the cattle, the wife and I ( we are retired ) removed over 6000 gophers from one single quarter section east of Olds. We do not charge and seek only permission to assist you. Let me know if we can help within an hour or so travel time from Olds.









Looking for single shot 20 G, text pics , price to 403-998-0521

I have two exposed hammer double barrels in 16 and 12ga. Two or three single shots in 20 ga break actions. Can you drop by Olds ?

Hi looking for a 300savage in a pump or bolt action

sorry I do not have. I have a savage 110 bolt in 270 and a 99C in 243

Looking for a 44-40 Henry

looking for a 44-40 Henry or a twin exposed hammer SBS 12ga in good working order

I have a 44:40 winchester 94 new

Liking for Browning 30 06 semi automatic

Any new england or h,&k rifles