Remington-Husquvarna Stocks and Rifle Barrels For Sale

I have a Carl Gustuff model 8000 Original Nitro Barrel 7mm Remington Magnum Barrel For Sale. The rifle is now a .264 Winchester cal. with a Kevlar Graphite stock.
$4,500.00 for all barrels and stock,Kevlar-Graphite custom made stock.
or one barrell and the gun is in 7mm only $3000.00 and the Graphite-Kevlar Custom made stock only.
No Scopes or rings and bases. I do have rings and bases if needed for some scopes.
Custom .264 Winchester Magnum with a Stainless Steel Barrel with a Kevlar-Graphite Custom Stock with Packmeyer Zorbathane High Dollar Recoil Pad in a Camo finish.
The Only One In The ~World~ That I Know of.
I have a Few Rifle Stocks For Sale,
Remington 700 BDL Rifle Stocks (New) Left and Hand,100.00
Used short action Remington
Husquvarna model 8000 Carl Gustoff Nitro Factory Rifle Barrel, Excellent Shape, 7mm Remington Mag Caliber,400.00 Barrel ONLY!!!!
Nitro Barrel Stamp
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Prices Vary


Edmonton Alberta