Some Husquvarna-Remington Guns and Gun Parts For Sale

I have all kinds of gun parts from Remington,Husquvarna and Many Remington Triggers,Barrels,Stocks and much much more.
Prices for some products will be added soon. email me for any further info.
Telephone calls I hardly have time for, but emails, are return in 24 hours or less.
X-Pro Remington Trigger new 100.00
700 action Triggers New 75..00 each several of the triggers for any 700 action.
.300 Winchester Mag Remington 700 $250.00 used Rifle Barrel Only
Remington 700 stocks New 100.00 and up New
Husquvarna Nitro Barrel in 7mm Rem Mag, used 400.00

.375 H. and H. in a Stainless Remington 700 Action with Safari Grade Wood Stock with mercury Tube recoil unit already Bedded in stock. Stainless Steel Action. Lawson Stainless Steel Muzzle Brake.
Custom Made Rifle with 1 18 inch No.1 Kreiger Barrel $3000.00 Test Fired Only Stock is from another .375 Rem action.

Remington 700 Action .264 Winchester Mag Caliber with a Tungsten Coating Finish On Action-Barrel-Bolt
Lawson Brake With Cone .264 Winchester Magnum Custom Built Kreiger Barrel Decelerator Recoil Pad.
Graphite-Kevlar Rifle Stock Used But maybe 200 rounds fired thru barrel.
2500.00 with Muzzle brake, 2000.00 without Muzzle Brake.

And Much Much More..................... Shotgun Hauls and Wads for 12 and 20 gauge also For Sale in Remington,Pacific,and Winchester Brand names.

Also and Custom Built Husky 8000 action on a Kevlar-Graphite Stock with a Custom Kreiger Barrel in Stainless Steel Barrel. Shot 100 rounds thru the barrel now. Spectacular Grouping on Paper.
Flattest Factory Caliber one can shoot from a Factory Caliber. 3600 FT Using A 100 Grain Bullet.
You Can Have Custom 8000 in .264 Winchester Caliber with The Original Nitro Barrel in 7mm Magnum,
I Know Of No One Else That Has This Caliber and Model Built and shooting a 100 grain Bullet over 3600 f.p.s.
One Of The Most Safest and Wonderful Action Ever Made In Sweden-Husquvarna-1976 Imported To Canada.
Stainless Steel Bolt!!!
And The Rifle Barrel Was Made For Me By Mr. Kreiger in the Early 80's, so You Will Have A Very High Quality Rifle That Will Last A Life Time and Some.


Prices Vary


Edmonton Alberta


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