Back to Nature160 acres for Sale with Home - OFF THE GRID

Get back to nature and develop this property to suite your needs!!
Ever wanted to get away from the city and bills and be self employed? Consider starting with a clean slate with 161 acres of land to work with. A rare find with no power lines or gas lines going into property.
Use your imagination and make it your own!!
Make a change in your life and get back to nature and the simple life!
We have given you a start with a 2 storey 600 sq ft. home, fully insulated for all seasons to live in. Home is heated with wood fireplace – full size fridge, stove and lights are run by propane, so it is ready to move in. It has an indoor toilet for your convenience. Will include all furniture.
This property has no powerline into the property which means off the grid for electricity – you could set up your own operation and be totally self-sufficient with solar panels, windmill, generator, wood burning or a combination of all. No more bills from the electrical or gas companies!
Dig your own well and set up septic system that would run on your alternative power. There is an artisan well on the property that runs all year long that has not been tapped into.
Imagine being self-employed and able to work from home – build a shop to work in for carpentry, welder, mechanic or try your hand at farming, raise animals, harvest the diamond willow on the property into ideas for income – we made the stairway shown in pics, trapline, outfitting, beekeeping and much more.
Cost of living off the grid is a fraction of what you pay now.
Taxes are only $470.00 and revenue from pump out station $750.00 – you are ahead already.
You could make it your own!! Imagine the possibilities!!
We are selling property ourselves with LISTING # 292023
Only serious inquiries please.




County of Smoky Lake, AB


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